Client TestimonialsOf all the joys that lighten suffering earth, what joy is welcomed like a newborn child? –Caroline Norton


“Doulas definitely serve as a good liason between L&D nurses, MD, and requests of the patient.” –Doctor attending Max’s birth

Esther“Having Susan at my home waterbirth was an absolute necessity. Her attention to the tiniest details–from reminding me of my wishes in my birth plan, to her ability to support me emotionally–was what made the difference between having a great birth experience to having a phenomenal one! She is a remarkable doula with a wonderful gift to calm and heal….I plan on having more children, but I wouldn’t want to have them without Susan as my doula!” –Misty, Esther’s mom

Baby“It was a very long and difficult labor. Susan was supportive and positive when events happened that were not part of the plan. She was very patient and there when needed and was able to step back and give space when it was needed.” –CNM attending birth

The baby was turned OP. Through techniques suggested and assisted by the doula, we were able to turn her just shortly before the birth!” –Amy, Kaley’s mom

“As a 4th time mother and [labor and delivery nurse], I expected my own expertise and experience to make this pregnancy and birth easy and to put it simply, normal.

Baby Graham…when I began having contractions at 39 weeks,…Susan met me at the hospital…She kept me focused and reminded me that this may not be it, and if it wasn’t that their were many options to help me get through until it was…Needless to say I was devastated when I was sent home [because I was not dilating].

The next morning, Susan came to my door with a [birth ball]. She…felt that maybe the baby was posterior…I thought she was nuts…[but] I tried it.

I woke the next morning…having contractions every 3 minutes. Upon arriving [at the hospital] I was indeed found to be in labor and delivered 45 minutes after arriving. Susan reminded me the whole time to look in the mirror (I had missed all my previous births and she remembered how important it was to view the birth of my son!)

KaleyWithout her support, knowledge and memory, I would have sunk into a depression and may have stayed there indefinitely. I also feel she helped my son to turn into a more suitable position thus finally progressing my labor process. I wouldn’t have survived this last few days of pregnancy without her being there and she was my most treasured asset with this birth. I would recommend her to anyone, those with prior birth experience or not. I now have the pleasure of having the memory of seeing my son be born, and I know that I made an invaluable friend. — Tracey, Riley’s mom

“Having your consistent encouragement helped ease what was a very challenging 28 hours…We can’t imagine what we’d have done without you.” –Tom, Blair, and Baby Graham